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Research facility and network management

The University of Hohenheim plays a dual role at CANNABIS-NET: on the one hand, it is responsible for network management thanks to many years of research expertise in the field of crop plants and experience as a member of several ZIM networks. On the other hand, it implements research projects initiated by network partners with its research teams and thus significantly shapes the innovative strength of the network.



The University of Hohenheim is an innovative, research-intensive university in the south of Stuttgart. Founded in 1818 after devastating famines, the University of Hohenheim always feels committed to the tradition of developing innovative solutions to pressing social issues. Research and teaching focus on complex biological and economic systems.



The focus of training in agricultural sciences developed early on at the University of Hohenheim - today the university in Germany is No. 1 in the fields of agricultural research and food sciences. Well-founded basic research combined with responsible and future-oriented applied science characterize the mission statement of the university. This can make significant contributions to pressing global and regional challenges in the areas of agro-ecosystems and biodiversity, food security and health.



CANNABIS-NET is located at the University's Institute of Crop Science. As part of the research activities there, the researchers have extensive expertise in agricultural crops, including in the fields of optimizing cultivation, raw material quality, food safety, processing plants and innovative, sustainable land use systems. Yield, yield components, quality-relevant and valuable ingredients are then examined for research.

We are working on genetics that can be established in the field in the Central European climate. To do this, we need to find out how different genetics react to environmental factors, solar radiation, irrigation, fertilization, etc.

Prof. Dr. Simone Graeff-Hönninger, University of Hohenheim

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